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I'm one of the lucky authors to join this program. The subscribers from Author Platform Rocket are way more responsive than my original email subscribers had been. My new list is full of more targeted subscribers than even ones that came from my blog. They loooove what I write and it shows in how they respond.

I'd done the FB ads on my own and not only did they take a long time I just couldn't make them work. Not like this.

I now have a platform that loves to read AND loves the genre I write. My open rates from this program are way better than my original list. Mostly between 60%­ - 80%!

Cheri Schmidt
International Bestselling Author Of The "Fateful" Series With Over 100,000 Downloads Worldwide

When I ran my giveaway with you I added more subscribers to my newsletter in one month than I'd added in the past couple of years on my own! Very happy with the service and I'll continue investing in this great platform

Marissa Farrar
Bestselling Author Of Over Twenty Novels

Y'ALL ROCK!   I have NEVER been disappointed with anything from you!  I am THRILLED y'all are here to take the guesswork out of building my list for me and I look forward to the future.

I further see a rise in my average daily sales from 250 to over 300 books!! I attribute that in large part to the new readers y'all are bringing me because at this point I am using no other advertising!


Julia Mills
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Dragon Guard, Kings of the Blood and 'Not-Quite' Love Story Series

I just sent an email out yesterday with the subject line “Have you seen these books?” I made  twice as much from that email as I did from a similar email at the beginning of April, all  because my list is bigger, thanks to you guys.

Kevin Tumlinson
Award Winning, Bestselling Science Fiction & Thriller Author

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(Open rate statistics for the publishing industry at large put them at 19% -  23% on average) 

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Whether you have been building your newsletter for years or are just getting started, Author Platform Rocket will deliver new subscribers every month while taking you by the hand, showing you how to create automated messages & systems to make the entire book selling process totally effective and totally hassle free.


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ico1Training Videos: Step by step videos for each part of simple process, as well as useful insider tips to make the most of your author email marketing campaigns.



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Unmatched Support: And if all of that fails, our friendly team are there to assist you and work with you until everything is working just the way you want it to!

100% CAN SPAM Compliant

We have gone through great lengths to ensure that Author Platform Rocket complies with the CAN SPAM regulations to help keep you and your author business safe.

  • Bold, Clear Disclaimers & Multi-Click Subscription Requirements (including Google Human Verification and multi-choice question)
  • Clear reader agreements and explanations.
  • Append T&C/Privacy Policy upon signup
  • Append Opt-out to each message (in bold)

Here is a breakdown of the exactly what you will be getting with
Author Platform Rocket and what it can do for you and your business TODAY

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Take Full Control over your newsletter building, book Marketing and Leverage 32% - 89.1% average open rates with a hyper-engaged reading audience!

Currently Servicing: All Romance Authors, All Sci Fi & All Fantasy!  If You Are Wondering If We Service Your Genre Simply Send Us Your Links To

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Subscribers Can I Expect Per Month? 

That totally depends on which level of the program you select.  We strongly recommend that for any authors earning under $1,000/month from your book sales that you stick to the Elite Budget program ($97/month INCLUDING the ads).  At that level you can expect to receive a range of 115 - 225 new subscribers per month.  If you would like more you are totally free to increase your ad budget with an additional subscription.

How Much Is The Total Cost For This Program?  Are There Any Hidden Fees?

No, there are no hidden fees.  The total cost of this program is totally up to you.  What you pay us is $97/month to create/run/manage the entire show.  If you wish to increase your ads budget we do offer "ad-on" subscriptions for $3/$5/$7/$10 per day or more.  You will also be responsible for sending your prizes every 90 days.  The costs for this will be determined by your choices of prizes as well as the cost of postage if you chose to send things in the mail.  During your setup process we will help you to keep these costs as low as possible.

What If I Have No Idea What To Say To These Subscribers? 

Worry not because just about all our authors had the same question!  Not only do we provide you with best practices on how to communicate, we provide an extensive training program that will help you decide what to say and when!  Yes, it can be done and at the same time made into an automated, book selling, relationship building machine WITHOUT being salesy or SPAMMY.

Can I Giveaway Different Prizes & Books Every Time We Reset?

We allow ONE change per 12 month run and after that there will be a $125 change fee after the giveaways are approved and running on elements that effect the ads/graphics of the ads.  If you want to modify stuff, please do it before your first giveaway goes live as this 1st 30 days is all about getting the giveaway set up and right.  Why? To restart them is dancing with advertising suicide.  We need to spend quite a bit of time honing in ad targeting to finally lock it in. To stop/start is totally counterproductive and resets all our efforts. Every new change to the offer, graphics or language means we have to totally start over on our end from scratch.  It’ll end up costing you more per subscriber and totally defeat the purpose of having a long-term ad solution running in the background collecting your fans.

Remember: This is about building your long term business NOT about launching your next book.  You use the list we build you to do that.  Your goal should be to have an author business in 2,3,4 years or more not just make a fast buck off a new book.

What Genres Do You Work With? 

Right now we work with all major and minor subgenres of romance, science fiction and fantasy including YA and NA.  We do not work with children's books or nonfiction (yet).  As we roll out to new genres we will be updating this.  If you have a question about weather APR is right for your books just reach out!  We will totally take a look and let you know.


Who Is The Author Elite Budget Program For?

APR Author Elite Budget is for fiction authors who have at least one book published either with a publisher or self-published and want help growing their subscriber lists so they can focus more on writing.  They understand they need to be constantly generating new email subscribers for their business and need help doing that.  These giveaways will run for 90 days and then automatically restart.  The reason for this 90-day reset period is to keep the prize cost down for you.

Note: This is not a 90 day only program.  This is perpetual and eternal because the need to generate new subscribers is perpetual and eternal.  The restart is simply so prizes can be paid out to winners.  The contests will then keep rolling and rolling and rolling because you will always need a constant flow of readers.

How Is APR Different Than Every Other Giveaway Program Out There? 

The main problem with most giveaways is they focus on the prizes and getting massive numbers of random people to join.  This includes those tactics such as combining 20 - 100 different authors into a single push and then everybody getting a copy of the list.  This creates a horrible situation for any real readers as after the program ends they are suddenly bombarded by dozens of emails from authors they have never heard of and don't have any interest in knowing about.

On the flip side, most promotion to giveaways consists of totally random traffic where the majority of participants don't care at all about discovering a new author or even about reading in general and are only there to win free stuff.  So can you get a list of 25K subscribers pulling stunts like this for a few bucks?  Totally!  And it will be total garbage and probably get you kicked off your autoresponder service.  Shenanigans like this have never created a successful author business.  Ever.  Best to stay clear.

With APR we focus on driving readers via paid FaceBook ads as well as our extremely established book discovery ecosystems.   You see it all comes down to quality of traffic that then becomes subscribers.  Once readers see you they see only you because you get your own, custom landing page that's about you and your books.

What Happens During This First 30 Days Of Setup When The Giveaway Isn’t Running Yet?

During this 1st 30 days, we will get all your graphics set up, the actual giveaway AND iron out logistic questions with the prizes and all that jazz.  Why do we do this?  Because after our 1st round of folks to come through, we are finding a lot of people are choosing prizes and things that will require multiple modifications as time passes, so this first 30 days is used to coach you on how to maximize your giveaways. We want these giveaways to do the work for you and require little-to-no maintenance on your part to build your author platform. Think of these as a set-it-and-forget-it approach to gathering your mailing list…which frees up your time to write more! Such an approach takes some time and a team effort from you and us.


We work closely with you to gather the information needed to run your giveaway and host it for you, promoting it to our ravenous readers and fans.

Also, if you have any questions please feel free to email us:

Click Now to Grow Your Platform & Email ListBook Now! Bonus Spots Will Sell Out Quickly!

We look forward to helping you build your audience and author platform!

Thank you so much,

The Author Platform Rocket Team